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Civic Service Committee

Participating in service projects is one way that Scouts keep their promise “to help other people.” While a Scout should do their best to help other people every day, group service projects are a way have large, lasting influences by helping our neighbors. These projects and efforts to benefit others can imbue leadership and hard work in Scouts that not only benefit our communities, but imbue lasting character traits to the future youth leaders within our Scouting program.

Our goal as the Civic Service Committee is to create opportunities for Scouts to participate in civic service experiences through community impact projects and public engagement activities that strengthen our community relationships, create a positive impact, and further the aims of the Grand Canyon Council.

If you are a Scouter or community member who would like to get involved with the Civic Service Committee, offer ideas, or have questions, please contact our Civic Service Committee Chair.

Committee Chair

Vianney Careaga

Vianney Careaga

Public Engagement

Community Engagement

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