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Fiesta Bowl Parade

All scouts at least 13 years old are invited to participate as banner carriers in the Fiesta Bowl Parade! What a great way to walk tall and finish off the year of Scouting in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in front of thousands of people and on live TV!

The Grand Canyon Council’s Parade Committee and Fiesta Bowl Parade Banner Committee needs your help to carry banners in front of the parade floats, dignitaries, and sponsors. We are searching for the first 70 scouts that register for this event. The invitation is open to Scouts BSA of any rank, OA members, Sea Scouts, and Venturing Scouts who will be at least 13 years old at the time of the parade. The parade length is just under two miles.  All Scouts must be in the following standardized uniform.

Please contact Fiesta Bowl Parade Committee Chair Avery Thresher for more information.


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