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Inductions Recognition Program

Inductions Recognition Program

The Inductions Recognition Program was created in order to recognize and show appreciation towards Arrowmen who, by giving up their time and cheerful service to Wipala Wiki lodge, have made exceptional contributions to the Inductions Program. This award is retroactive from service dates starting from January 1st, 2020.

Under this program, youth Arrowmen are eligible to receive four different awards. When the requirements for an award is completed, the Arrowman will receive a pin. The pin is placed on the inductions headdress patch worn as a dangle on the right side of the uniform. you can receive pins for the following categories:

  • Training Certified*
  • Elangomats*
  • Ceremonies
  • Election Team
    (* Adults can earn these pins)

When an Arrowman earns their first pin, they will receive the patch along with it. You may only earn one pin per category but may strive to earn all four pins. This new program is unique and awards may not be bought or traded, only awarded to those who have earned them. You will find both the descriptions and the required forms for the four categories below.

Click on the pin to see the requirements.

Training Pin

Elangomat Pin

Ceremonies Pin

Elections Pin

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