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Lodge Dues

Each active member of the lodge pays their own way with dues. Dues are collected annually to help support the lodge program and also pay for the Arrowman’s National Order of the Arrow Dues.
This annual fee can be paid online at the provided link, or at a lodge event. You must be registered with the BSA to be registered in the lodge.

Dues Link for Online Payment


What do the dues include?

Our lodge has several activities each year, including:

  • Spring Fellowship
  • Winter Banquet
  • Ceremonies: Ordeals, Brotherhoods, and Vigil Inductions
  • American Indian Affairs
  • Training Events
  • Leadership Opportunities for Youth
  • Mentorship Opportunities for Adults
  • Awards and Recognition
  • National Events such as the National Order of the Arrow Conference, Section Conclave, and More!
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