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National Centurion Award (2015)

In 2015, the 100th Anniversary Year of the Order of the Arrow, every Lodge was to select members and give them the title of Centurion for their outstanding service to their Lodge. The number was based on Lodge Membership with 50% of the Awards given to the members who did their outstanding service as Youth and the other 50% to Adults who performed their service as Adults. Wipala Wiki was allowed to nominate 13 Arrowmen for this Award. The Supreme Chief of the Fire selected the following Arrowmen to receive the Honor.

The following were honored for their youth service in the Order of the Arrow:

  • Ethan Berkson
  • Michael Forrest
  • Cody Mikita
  • Michael Hoffman
  • Michael Minnis
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Kieran Thompson

The following were honored for their adult service in the Order of the Arrow:

  • Joe Bronson
  • Randall Driscoll
  • Gary Hnydowitz
  • Jeffrey McHenry
  • William Popescue
  • Wipala Wiki

About 1800 members total were awarded the national Centurion Award in 2015.

Wipala Wiki national and lodge level Centurion award recipients received both a patch and also an unofficial uniform knot

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