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The Recharter Process for all Units

If this is your first time using the online re-charter portal, we encourage you to contact your unit commissioner for a walk-through of the re-charter or review the resources available to you on this page.

How-To for Online Recharter:

Internet Charter Renewal

For a more in-depth review of the unit re-charter process please visit the National Council Support Page.

Recharter Cost:

  • National Annual Unit Charter Fee: $100
  • National Registration: Youth $75 / Each
  • National Registration: Adult $45 / Each
  • Local Program: Youth $50 / Each
  • Local Program: Adult $0 / Each
  • Scouts Life (Optional): $15 / Subscription

View 2023-2024 Program Year Cost Infographic (Effective Aug.1.2023)

Recharter Timeline:

  • Training for Commissioner Teams at District Operations
  • Commissioner training to Units at May Roundtable.
  • 6/1 – Recharter Portal Opens for Units
  • 8/1 – Recharter Ends/Start of new 2023-24 Program Year If a unit has not completed re-charter and had it posted with the national council, New Scouts cannot be added at this point
  • *On-time online charters are paid online with digital approvals prior to 7/31/23.
  • **New members (Youth and Adults) join independently of recharter and adults have completed Youth Protection Training (YPT) since 8/1/21.

Recharter Payment Options:

  1. Pay online with an E-Check with a $1 total processing fee (BEST OPTION)
  2. Pay online with a credit card with a 3% transaction fee
  3. Pay directly to the council office. (THIS IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE OPTION) The national website says there is not a fee for this… because the national BSA is not collecting a fee, but there is a $25 per person offline registration convenience fee. If you select this option your Scout unit will be charged an additional $25 per person listed on your roster.

NOTE: We have been told once your unit selects an option from the above 3, it cannot be changed…so Pick option 1 or 2 (but we recommend #1)

  • Units are encouraged to verify all Scouts and Scouters are registered with the unit prior to beginning the online re-charter.
  • Online applications are strongly encouraged for all youth members who need to be added to unit rosters to both speeds the process up and ensure complete accurate information is recorded.

Online Registrations Recharter Cycle:

  • All new online registrations will pay for the rest of this charter cycle (through 7/31/23) and all of next year (7/31/24).
  • This is beneficial to units as they will not need to revisit new families for additional fees in a few months. The unit should list each new member on their recharter. The new member will show as “pre-paid”, so fees will not need to be collected again!
  • Please account for 1-week of processing time for any new youth or adult paper applications turned in to Council up through 7/15.
  • After this date, please account for up to 2-weeks of processing time for paper applications until recharter is complete.

District Tools:

For a more in-depth review of the unit re-charter process please visit the National Council Support Page.

Commissioners, visit Commissioner Tools in and look in the bottom right to see live status of the units you serve National Internet Charter Renewal Guide for Commissioners

Other Recharter Resources:

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