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Cub Scout Camping

The Grand Canyon Council is dedicated to providing opportunities for fun, educational outdoor programs for our Cub Scouts and their families to enjoy year round!  There are many options to choose from, including single day functions, multi-day “day camps”, and overnight residential camps that the whole family can enjoy! Additionally, units may reserve Grand Canyon Council camp properties for their own functions and family/unit camp events throughout the year!

Day Camps

Day camps can be single or multi-day programs which allow Cub Scouts to participate in activities and learn without having to bring camping equipment or commit to overnight stays! These programs are ideal for Cubs who are still too young to feel comfortable sleeping outdoors, or families who do not have camping equipment or the available time to commit to multi-day excursions. Summer and Spring Day Camps occur over breaks at the Heard Scout Pueblo, and districts host their own day camps across the year in their geographic regions.

Resident Camps

Resident Camps are overnight programs which allow the Cub Scouts and their families the ability to fully embrace the camp experience by spending the night at camp and immersing themselves in everything our programs have to offer.  They also traditionally feature songs, skits, and night time camp fire programs!  R-C Scout Ranch (pronounced “R bar C”) is the home of our annual three day family residential program, where Cub Scouts and their families can enjoy the outdoors over the weekend sessions throughout June.

Cub Camping programs do require parent or guardian oversight, or den/pack leader support as Cub Scouts are still too young to attend programs on their own. These requirements vary by program, the details of which are on the respective registration pages.  Following the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts require one adult for every four Cubs, and Lions and Tigers require a 1:1 Cub to adult partner ratio.

Additional Cub Scout camping guidelines and resources throughout Arizona are available in the Grand Canyon Council Cub Scout Camping Guidelines.

Cub Scout Camping Options


R-C Scout Ranch: Family Residential Camp | Payson, AZ


The R-C Scout Ranch is a former working cattle ranch turned youth camp property. Resting prominently at the base of Christopher Mountain, R-C hosts groups year round and enriches the lives of all those who pass through.

Beginning the week following Memorial Day and throughout each June, three day weekend camp sessions are held, with fun for the whole family! Three specialty sessions are held each year, including STEM, Webelos Adventure, and an equestrian-focused session!

The Heard Scout Pueblo, at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ, is the host of many of our Cub Scout activities and training activities throughout the year.  Each June the camp hosts Cub Scout Summer Day Camp, with seasonal day camps held across the year.

Single-day activities, such as Order of the Arrow‘s Pow Wow and aquatic days occur periodically throughout the year, and will be featured on the calendar below!

Units are also able to reserve facilities and campsites to host their own activities at camp, right in the Valley of the Sun!

Camp Kaibab: Family Residential Camp | Flagstaff, AZ

Your family is able to attend Camp Kaibab either as a day camp or camp Friday and/or Saturday night. Camp Kaibab is open to all Cub Scouts and their families. Brothers and sisters can join in the fun if they can do so safely (recommended 5+ years old).

This event has a cap and sells out weeks in advance every year. Don’t miss out!


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