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Family Den Program


Welcome to the Grand Canyon Council BSA family den pilot program kick-off! We are excited to have your pack participate. This kick-off will give you the overview and details of the pilot program and cover the things your pack will be expected to do during participation.

Family Den Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Family Den Pilot?

The ability for family packs, with permission from their chartered organization, to form dens with boys and girls.

Why is this being piloted?

Family dens will allow the BSA to provide more joining opportunities for families by eliminating the potential barrier of lack of enough youth to form a den. A lack of critical mass in a den leadsto retention issues for both youth and adults.

I thought that the BSA said there are benefits to boys and girls being separate in Scouting. What changed?

Research collected in 2018 by the National Pilots Committee, concluded that at Cub Scout age, single-gender Scouting was not necessary. Packs were given the option to form a family pack, including both boys and girls in the program. It is not until Scouts BSA age the benefits of single-gender programming arise.

Does this mean that Scouts BSA will have the option to have boys and girls in their troops?

No. Cub Scouting is a separate program with different content and delivery methods than Scouts BSA.

Must one of the registered leaders be female?

Yes. A registered female adult leader who is 21 years of age or older must be present whenever female youth are present.

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