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Grand Canyon Council Event Disclaimer and Refund Policy

Grand Canyon Council Event Disclaimer and Refund Policy


Grand Canyon Council is committed to providing exciting and mission-focused programs to youth and adult Scouters.  For every event, a minimum registration number will be established with a deadline that will vary from one to four weeks prior to the activity, depending on the specific event.  These registration minimums and deadlines will be communicated when events are announced.  Events that fail to meet the registration minimum by the deadline will be canceled.  This is to ensure that limited volunteer and financial resources are not spent on programs with little to no interest or participation, and that our efforts can be spent on where it will have the biggest impact on Arizona Scouting. 

Refund Policy:

This policy is applicable to all activities where the Grand Canyon Council collects a fee or a deposit. Example events include: Summer Camp, Open Shoots,Camporees, National Jamborees, etc. 

Refund requests will only be considered if the refund request form is completed.

Any event canceled by GCC will result in full refunds of all funds paid.

In all other cases the following policy will be followed:

  1. Any deposits paid will be forfeited.
  2. Some events have stated refund policies, for all others please refer to the following table:
Received X Days Prior to Event Amount Refunded
0-10 days 0%
10-30 days 50%
31+ days 100%


  1. Refund requests received after a program has begun will be considered if there are extraordinary circumstances and the maximum refund will be 50%. Examples include:  documented medical reason (doctor’s note required), a positive COVID-19 test for the individual or immediate family, a death in the immediate family, or a natural disaster.

For national events where our council is organizing groups to participate:

  1. Deposits are not refundable
  2. All other fees will be refunded if:
    • A replacement participant signs up
    • Fees due to date are collected from the replacement participant
  3. If no replacement participant is found:
    • National event fees that are refundable will be refunded
    • Other fees that have been collected and paid to vendors (example: tour operators) will be refunded if they are refundable from the vendor


  1. No refund requests will be accepted after ten (10) days following the end of the applicable activity.
  2. Approved refunds will be processed within thirty (30) days of their receipt in writing and made either by check or by credit card reversal, at the discretion of our council staff, to the original payer for individual registrations or the unit, in care of the reservation contact, for group reservations (Summer Camp, Winter Camp, etc).
  3. If an activity is cancelled or postponed by our council or a district and the participant cannot attend on the alternate date, the payer may ask for:
    • a refund of the full fee, or a credit for the full fee paid, which may be applied towards the cost of future events

Recognizing that we are here to “help other people at all times,” regardless of the policies set out above, full or partial refunds may be granted for special hardship cases. Special hardship cases may include personal illness or family emergencies. Special hardship case refunds will be promptly considered and granted or denied by our Council Campership and Refund Committee, under the Vice President-Program.

Policy effective 8/1/20

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