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Merit Badge Clinics

Merit Badges

Upcoming Merit Badge Events

Shooting Sports clinics occur monthly at the Heard Scout Pueblo.

Virtual events are available based on volunteer availability. If you would like to host a virtual merit badge clinic, please contact Advancement Chair Bill Nelson at



Blue Cards?

A “Blue Card” is required for each merit badge class unless they use Scoutbook to record progress. Please follow this link to download an electronic copy.

The Scout must bring a signed blue card, filled out with name, address, requirement numbers etc. before going to the class.

Can a troop host a merit badge clinic as a fundraiser?

No. Clinics must go through the council and be instructed by a certified merit badge counselor.

Are there prerequisites that must be completed before attending a clinic?

Yes, you should read the merit badge pamphlet on the subject and you may start working on requirements at any time.

How do we register for merit badge clinics?

All clinics will be posted on the website calendar and under camps & activities with a link for registration on each badge.

Why are some clinics free and others more expensive?

Fees vary depending on materials, time, and price of admission of the business holding the clinic.

Will my scout earn the merit badge at each clinic?

There will be some clinics that only cover certain portions of the requirements or have expectations that particular sections will be completed before or after the clinic, such as Personal Fitness which requires tracking progress over twelve weeks.

Earning a badge is also contingent on the Scout completing their work and participating in the clinic.

It is important that you read the merit badge pamphlet for requirements.

Will lunch be provided at clinics?

All information will be on the website under the merit badge information. Some clinics supply lunch and others allow scouts to bring their own.

What is the cancelation policy?

Cancellations must be made at least five days prior to the clinic. No refunds or transfers will be given if a cancellation is made within five days of the clinic.

If my business, company, or organization would like to sponsor a merit badge clinic, who should we contact?

Development Director
Nikki White
602-955-7747, ext 218

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