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Color Guard Flag Ceremonies

Color guard flag ceremonies are a great way for Scouts and Scouters to display their patriotism and citizenship.  Schools, city councils, and civic organizations periodically request Scouts to lead a presentation of colors and the Pledge of Allegiance at functions and events, and we should should do our best to answer these calls to patriotism! While showing our patriotism and citizenship, Scouts should also be sure not to appear to endorse any particular political party or leader and follow guidelines for rallies or political events.

The Civic Service committee aims to have at least one Color Guard ceremonial team available to represent Scouting and display citizenship in each District and community throughout our state.  If your pack, troop, crew, ship, or OA chapter has a color guard team, or if you would like to assist with coordinating teams throughout our Council, please contact the Civic Service Committee Chair to notify them of your interest and ability to do so!

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