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Sponsor Flaps

We love our patches and we have tons of them. We issue a new “standard flap” every National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) year and this year we are trying something new. We try to subsidize the cost of Ordeal candidates to join our lodge. Why? Because fewer people are actually being inducted and following through with their Ordeal. While we can’t do FREE Ordeals – we can discount the price from the going rate of about $45 down to $25 if we get enough participation in the sponsor flaps.


Why are they $45?

They are $29 before food. Let’s Break that down.


$20 – Ordeal Sash


$4 – Handbook


$5 – Standard Flap


How will we reduce the cost to just $25.00? 

We will have sponsor flaps. Sponsor flaps look a little different than our standard and allow members who are able to purchase a flap that goes and supports the next generation of Arrowmen to join the lodge.

When you see the flaps on Arrowmen at events – just know that they are helping invest in the future of the lodge. Some people will buy them and wear them. Some people will stash them safely in their collection.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who have made affordable Ordeals possible.

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