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Walmart Storefront Information

How can I request Walmart Front Entrance Space for my unit’s Camp Card sale?

Walmart utilizes a Space Request Tool for organizations to request space at the front entrance of their stores. Each Scouting unit should be able to request space up to 3 days a year. You can find a link to it at under “More ways to help.” You can also learn more about this program here.

Please use this Step-by-Step Guide for Local Organizations to help you navigate the system. Walmart also has a Local Organization FAQs page for your reference.

Looking for a list of Wal-Mart locations? Please reference their Store Directory.


What do I do when they ask for my organization details?

The Space Request Tool will ask you to do one of two things: select an organization, or add a new one. Unless you have used this tool before, please select “Add a new organization.” We suggest that you name your organization something like “Cub Scout Pack 1” or “Scouts BSA Troop 1.”

Please do not select “Grand Canyon Council BSA.” There is a limit on how many times an organization can request space per year, so it is very important that you request space as an individual Scouting unit and not as GCC.

Here are some other standard details that should help you with this process:

  • Organization Type: Youth Services
  • Organization Entity: Others
  • Organization Website Link: Use your unit website or social media profile, or list
  • Address: If your unit does not have a mailing address, please use your meeting location


Is our organization Cybergrants FrontDoor verified?

You may have noticed that a verified organization can request space up to 14 days a year,  while a non-verified organization can only request space up to 3 times a year. This is why we are having units request front entrance space instead of GCC. Otherwise, we would only have 14 days total for every unit in the council to share. In most cases, you are not a Cybergrants FrontDoor verified organization, though in some cases your charter organization might be (or might be able to). This depends on whether or not they are a 501(c)(3) organization. We suggest that you speak with your charter organization representative (COR) if you believe this is a possibility.


Are there any more storefront sale opportunities?

Yes there are! Please visit the main Camp Card page to learn more about our Fry’s Food Stores weekend and how to request storefront space from other businesses.

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