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Camp Cards

Important Dates – The 2024 Sale

  • December 7: Virtual Camp Card Kickoff at Roundtable
  • January 4: Storefront Registration Opens at Roundtable
  • February 10-12: Camp Cards available for pickup from District Executives
  • April 19: Card Return Deadline. Units charged for remaining cards after this date.


Key Facts:

Scouts earn 50% commission on every card they sell, the most in any council fundraiser. Unit leaders can snag a GCC pullover by selling 10 Camp Cards per Scout.

We’ve made different card versions to include local businesses and remove ones that don’t fit all council regions.

The Camp Card Kickoff will take place over a webinar on December 7 at 7:00 PM so that all units (regardless of geographic location) may participate, ask questions, and rewatch the presentation as needed

Camp Card Vendor Deals>>



2024 Camp Card Leader’s Guide:

A Leader’s Guide with all the details you need for a successful fundraiser, including step by step guide to the sale, a unit kickoff agenda, determining unit budget and goals, and much more!

PDF Document

Scout/Parent Sale Agreement






Our families understand that they are selling character, a better community through Scouting, and the benefits of Scouting summer camp; they are not just selling discount cards. Your scout, as well as the Scouting community, benefits from these programs! Emphasize to each customer that each card sold helps Scouts go to camp, build character, and enriches their lives. The reason our sale will be successful is that people want to support Scouting!


Discover excellent spots to boost your sales! Consider community festivals, local stores, your parents’ workplaces, banks, gas stations, sporting events, grocery stores, small businesses, and church/chartered organization gatherings. Don’t forget the businesses listed on your camp cards—they’re fantastic opportunities, too! Mark your calendars for January 4, when council-arranged storefront registrations become available, expanding your selling options even further. Get ready to seize these prime opportunities and make your Camp Card sales great!

Storefront Registration >>

All units must abide by the Storefront Code of Conduct linked here.

How Do I Acquire Camp Cards?

You will pick up your camp cards from, or have them dropped off by, your Community Executive from Feb 10 – 12, or pick them up at Winter Homecoming on Feb. 10

We encourage units to first determine the number of cards that their Scouts will commit to sell, then check out cards commensurate with their goals and Scout participation. Please do not hold excess cards which you do not intend to sell; additional cards may be picked up at any time from the Council Service center or though your District Executive.

BSA Fundraising Selling Guidelines

  • Camp Cards and Popcorn sales are the only two council approved fundraisers; they alone do not require submission of the Money Earning Guideline.
  • Direct solicitation by leaders or youth members of cash donations from community businesses, individuals, service organizations, etc., are not allowed. Units raise their needed funds through approved product sales and fundraising events, payments from member dues, and family support.
  • Any donations that are collected during the Camp Card Sale must be reported and split with the council 50/50 (even if a Camp Card is not sold to the individual).
  • Revenue from sales can be returned to Grand Canyon Council offices at any time throughout the campaign. For each card sold, units keep $5.00 and are responsible for returning the remaining $5.00 in revenue to council.

Return Policy

All unsold, undamaged cards can be returned to Grand Canyon Council offices at any time throughout the campaign or at the end of the campaign. If you do not expect to sell all cards in your unit’s possession, please return what you can so that we can support other units who may need cards. Any returned cards MUST be in new condition (with unbroken snap off discounts). We cannot accept returns of any cards that have been damaged. Be sure Scouts and parents treat each card as if it were a $10.00 bill!


The hard deadline for settling balances and returns in April 19th, at which point the unit will be charged for all outstanding cards. Any cards (lost, misplaced, damaged etc.) not returned to Council by April 19th will be considered sold, and will be charged to the unit account.

It is the unit Camp Card Chair’s sole responsibility to ensure that they return their cards and monies by the end of the sales period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Camp Card sales can we make at a storefront?

$100 an hour per Scout is a good rule of thumb. We recommend calculating how many hours of storefront sales your Scouts will need to reach their fundraising goals, and basing your storefront reservations on that number.

How can our unit accept credit cards?

This is ultimately up to the unit, but there are several options. Some units choose to create Square accounts and make “employee” logins for every seller. Other units use PayPal or Venmo. This was explained in more detail during our Camp Card Kickoff.

Is our unit allowed to do storefronts at other businesses?

Yes, you can – just make sure to ask the business first! You can find a sample letter to request a storefront on behalf of your unit here.

How many Scouts and parents should we have at a storefront sale?

We recommend that you do not overstaff your storefronts. 1-2 Scouts and their parents are more than enough for a successful storefront. If you have more Scouts interested, you should sign-up for more times/locations!

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